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(poster bantahan bloggers Ikhwan terhadap hukuman ke atas pimpinan Ikhwan~'kumpulan 40')

The Muslim Brotherhood youth had been comparatively late in such experience. But their influence has been increasing very fast. The blogs of the MB started with Mon’em’s famous blog and other blogs of youth working on ikhwanweb web site.”

He adds, “The MB blogs have a positive and a very important role, which we all (as bloggers) hoped to see.

Their role now is quite central, people can know many of the Muslim Brotherhood group news only from blogs. There is a host of MB bloggers nowadays as my colleague, and dear friend, Ibrahim Al-Hodeiby, who uses video posting in his blog in order to deliver his message to the MB youth, his successful work has created“ in my opinion” a positive state of interaction, productive discussion and thinking among the MB members, and specially the youth. Such interaction among MB youth never occurred in the nineties. “It’s worth mentioning”, Hossam says, “that the MB blogs and ikhwanweb website care much about tortures and violating human rights. We all benefit from their news about such cases and we are much affected by them.

What Mohamed Gamal likes about the bloggers of the Muslim Brotherhood is that most of them are having nearly the same news, but with different visions, attitudes, and comments. They are also “as if they are moving together in the same direction”, he says.
He believes that in 3 or 4 years, blogging in Egypt will be nearly exclusive for Muslim Brotherhood youth, as they are the most effective.

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